Android HTC - Hacking explained en

By Cruz on Saturday 7 May 2011 21:36 - Comments (9)
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I tried to root and "S-OFF" my HTC Desire and it resulted in the phone not booting anymore :P Having no experience in the Android hacking field at all, I was pretty much stuck, and then there's only one thing to do: Google up.

As I spent the next 4 hours getting a basic understanding of how Android phones work and what the different hacks and tools are, I needed a way to keep notes. Notepad wasn't going to cut it and I figured that a more 'attractive' method may serve as a good reference for other people who are interested in Android hacking. Adobe Illustrator it was.

I managed to get my phone working again but continued googling and asking smart people stupid questions to keep getting a better understanding of the subject. At this point I've learned everything that I wanted to learn. Not that I'm an expert but I know just enough about everything to fool others into thinking I am one :P I'm making the information public, if there are errors or omissions please inform me and I'll fix it.
Android HTC - Hacking Explained
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